Day 14: Last Stop, Yokohama

Top tip: If you’re struggling (like I was) with the tourist traps that are… everywhere in Kyoto – think early bird. It works. We got to the Golden Pavilion before it opened at 9am, and a queue had already begun to form. It was nice to see the gates open and quite fun to try to sprint to the best spot to get a pic of the shining beast before anyone got in your shot.

golden pavillion

golden pavillion


The rest of the day (the final day of the tour) was spent on a train to Yokohama, a city just outside Tokyo. It’s not a massive tourist must-do, but it has a fairground, small them park and a nice waterfront around the Ōoka River. We didn’t have much time, so I did the most important thing the city has to offer. Ahem:

cup noodles museum cup noodles museum

cup noodles museum 2013-03-30 22.38.55 cup noodles museum cup noodles museum


The Cup Noodle Museum was RAMMED. I have never seen a busier museum. I would book in advance if you want to do any of the fun workshops (make your own cup noodle…) but I still enjoyed the video that gets shown, outlining the history of Momofuku Ando’s creation. The whole place is also incredibly well designed and totally original. Also, if I’d had more time I would have checked out the Ramen Museum – not to be confused – and still pretty entertaining and bizarre looking. There was just enough time to stroll through the theme park before saying goodbye to my fellow tour members.

yokohama yokohama