Dog Bark Watcher, pt. 1

October 18, 2021

So this year we adopted a new dog. He was originally my partner’s dad’s dog, but he’s a bright, high-energy, borderline insane terrier, and quickly proved to be too much work for him. He was going to bring him to the pound, so we stepped in and took him in. His name is Boomer… and he’s the hugest pain in my ass since Nana outgrew puppy hood. Think Marley and Me’s level of trouble making. But every day he settles down and puts his head on your lap and you have to forgive him and love him because he’s so sweet.

He has major separation anxiety and we’ve been working on it, but he still has the tendency to bark and cry when we leave the house.

The plan is as follows: attach a webcam/mic to the pi, hook it up to Twilio, and have it send me a text when it detects barking.

If I get a text, I’ll rush home to take care of it, and if I can’t get home? My neighbors are going to get fresh baked apology cookies.

As a bonus… in the middle steps, I think instead of sending me a text, I’ll have it trigger a recorded bark to bark back at our dog. Am I low enough to take petty revenge on our dog like that?

Yeah, lol. No worries, this will only happen when I’m home; I’m only kind of a jerk. Mostly I think it’ll be funny.

So far, all I’ve done is order the webcam off the internet. This has been an empty blog post, I know, but I wanted to make sure I wrote something to keep myself accountable. Until next time!