October 02, 2021

Okay, this one isn’t coding related, but it’s very, very important. This is my dog, Nana. Here are pictures of her. I love her, and the world needs to meet her.

Nana the dog, catching corn muffins

Once upon a time, I was a baker for a living! I made pastries at this neat little coffee shop in San Francisco that made corn muffins… Naturally, Nana ate a lot of corn muffins that year.

Nana the dog, licking her nose

Nana the dog, hiking

I think Nana was about 5 in this photo! We did this trail over and over when we lived in the Bay. She’s 9 now, and the trail is pretty steep so the last time we did it, she needed a bit of help getting up the hard parts. That’s okay, she’s still a really spry 9 year old!

Nana playing fetch

Snow dog

This post will absolutely be updated with more pictures later.